4 ways to master your to-do list

For my first (yay!) informative post here at Happy Sweet Living, I would like to share some productivity tips on how to help complete your tasks on your to-do list more easily. When I have so much going on, I swear by using an app on my phone to list all my tasks to avoid forgetting anything. After implementing these four tips to my to-do list, I have been able to complete tasks more easily and efficiently.

1. Write the time needed to complete a task on your to-do list

Sometimes we might postpone a task because we think it takes so much time to finish. A lot of procrastination could be solved with this small trick: write the time needed to complete a task on your to-do list. If you write the time needed for the task, you can more easily find an appropriate time to complete it, and the task might not seem so overwhelming. For example, you could write your tasks like this:

Check and reply emails (20 min)
Book flights to Paris (15 min)
Meditate on lunch break (5 min)

This trick also can help you to plan your day ahead and help you see what tasks you are able to complete with the time you have.

2. Categorize your tasks by their location

Having a lot of tasks that need to be complete in different places might make your to-do list hard to manage. To make things more organized, you could try to categorize your tasks by their location; where you need to be in order to complete your task. You can categorize your locations however they work for you. For example, you could simply divide your tasks into a few categories: home, office, downtown. By gathering all your tasks you need to complete outside of the house together, the next time you head out, you might be able to complete all of them together.

3. Automate your tasks

This trick has helped me the most to stay on top of my tasks. If you do some tasks repeatedly, you should really consider to automate them to repeat after a certain time. Most to-do apps have the option to set your tasks on repeat. When you don’t have to write the tasks to your list again every time, it makes it super easy to just complete your task you have set before.

For example, I have recurring tasks for all my house cleaning tasks. This way I stay on top of my cleaning and don’t forget anything. It is so much easier to do things regularly in small steps than everything at once. Part of my cleaning task list looks like this:

Vacuum (a recurring task for every two days)
Prepare trash for the trash collection day (a recurring task for every Tuesday and Friday)
Change bed sheets (a recurring task for every Sunday)
Clean the fridge (a recurring task for every two weeks)

By using these recurring tasks that appear automatically on my to-do list, the app reminds me when I should do something. Super easy!

4. Share your to-do list with others

Sometimes you cannot do everything by yourself. A lot of apps let you share your to-do lists with other users. By connecting for example with your household members, you can easily share tasks and make it easier to complete them. For example, me and my husband share a cleaning to-do list and an errand to-do list. It makes it easier to complete the whole to-do list when you are not alone to work on the tasks.

What do you think of these four tips about mastering your to-do lists? Have you any more tips on how you go through your tasks efficiently? Please comment below your thoughts and also share this post with your friends. Thanks so much for reading!

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