How I manifested my dream house using the Law of Attraction

This is what made me a 100% believer in the Law of Attraction. I mean, I have had some good experiences before, but manifesting our dream house was so huge that there was no mistake. Let me tell you a story! (If you are not in a mood for a storytime, please skip to the end where I list what I learnt from this experience)

My manifestation story

My husband and I are living in the center of Tokyo, but we are thinking about starting a family. Tokyo is amazing and I love to live here. But Tokyo is also a very busy city, expensive and crowded; it is not very child-friendly. I would like to raise my children where there is more space for them to grow up. We still want to live near Tokyo, so we started to look for options where to live.

I almost gave up right from the start, as everything near Tokyo were almost the same as Tokyo itself. Very crowded and cramped. To clear my frustration, I listed in a notebook what I was looking for: a spacious, green, safe and clean neighborhood, but not too far in the countryside. After I knew exactly what I wanted, I soon came across a neighborhood that was exactly what I was looking for! I was so excited and immediately started to look for lots in that area where we could start building our house.

After I knew exactly what I wanted, I soon came across a neighborhood that was exactly what I was looking for!

My excitement slowed down when I realized that this area is very popular and most of the lots on sale were very small (where you can only fit a house and a car space for one car, no space for a yard). The lot prices were also very expensive. We knew that we wanted a larger lot, as that was the point of moving out of Tokyo: we wanted to have more space. But our budget would not able to cover even a small lot and build a new house.

Because we really liked this area, we decided to keep looking, but the search was difficult. There were only a handful of lots that fit our requirements, and obviously most of them not on sale. When no good lots were available, we decided to look also for older houses we could buy and renovate. We thought that maybe we could demolish the old house and build our own house after we would have more money.

So, I again listed what we wanted: a larger lot with an older house, that is reasonably priced and not too far from the train station. And you all might guess what happened next. A lot just like that appeared on the market soon after! A large lot, in our price range, that had all the qualities we wished for. It had an old house that could be renovated. And it was only a 15-minute walk away from the train station. We were so happy and contacted the realtor immediately and booked a viewing for the next day. We were the first ones to see the place and submitted a purchasing request immediately.

And you all might guess what happened next. A lot just like that appeared on the market soon after!

However, the next day we received a call from the realtor. A house building company had contacted the realtor after us and they were willing to purchase the lot in cash immediately. Apparently, the seller wanted to sell the lot quickly and was, therefore, going to give the construction company priority in the sale. We were devastated; this company was going to take our dream lot just like that, just because they had the money.

While the seller was deciding about the sale for the couple next days, I used every law of attraction trick I knew at the time trying to manifest the lot to us. I visualized myself living in that house, I acted like we were going to move there soon, I literally asked the universe to let us have that house to ourselves

However, after a couple of days, the realtor called and said that the seller was going to sell the lot to the company. I could not believe we had lost our dream lot.

I had invested so much time and energy in the search of that lot that recovering from that shock was hard. I had no interest to search for other lots and kind of gave up the process for a while. We went to see a couple of other houses, but nothing really felt good.

After a couple of months, my husband and I got to talking about the lot we lost to the building company and we were talking about how good that lot would have been. My husband decided to check through the lots that were available at that time and found something amazing. It was the lot we lost previously! It was on sale by the same company we lost to before. My husband immediately booked an appointment with the builder and we went to see them the next day.

We were ready to fight and were a bit annoyed with them already because we lost the lot to them before. But, when we get to the office, we were met with the most kind and good people. We talked with them and learned about the houses they build. Turns out, we would be able to buy the lot and build a new custom made house, and it all would fit into our budget! Our monthly payments would not differ much from the rent we were paying in Tokyo for our single room apartment. We were shocked! That was the time when I realized that the universe really knows better how to manifest your dreams into reality! This was so much better than renovating the old house and building a new one later. We would save so much money, and get to live in a house we really wanted!

That was the time when I realized that the universe really knows better how to manifest your dreams into reality!

We made a contract with the builder and were approved for a house loan. We started to do meetings with the builder to design the house. I visualized myself living in that house and spend so, so many hours on Pinterest finding inspiration for the house. We finished the design process and the house turned out amazing! The building will start next month and we can move in later this year. I cannot wait to live in our dream house and start the next chapter of our lives there.

What I learned from this experience

The most important lesson I learned during this process was that it is important to know what you want! It is the key to manifesting your dreams into reality. When I actually listed down all the things I wanted to have, they started to come to me. It also gave me clarity on what things I should focus on when searching for the lot. I could shift my focus on the things that I really wanted to have, thus attracting more of them. Clearer you are about what you want, faster it is to come to you.

Also, after you let the universe to know your intentions, they will start to manifest for you in ways you might not even have thought about! Don’t be surprised if you will get that thing you asked for in a completely different way than you expected. For me, I thought we would just buy the lot with the old house, but even better option manifested for us in a very unexpected way.

Thank you for reading until the end! What do you think of this story? Totally the work of the universe, or just a happy coincidence?

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